How to buy tickets and services

MKA card and iMKA mobile application serve as media for tickets and rights to services offered by institutions and organizers cooperating within MKA. Currently MKA enables to buy transport tickets and book parking spaces offered by:

  • Fast Commuter Rail (SKA),
  • Municipal Infrastructure and Transport Board in Krakow, 
  • Roads and Transport Board in Tarnów – Tarnów Municipal Organizer,
  • Park&Ride in Tarnów 

Additionally, iMKA application offers purchases of tickets to cultural events organized by the institutions that provide a pool of tickets in the MKA system.
Full list of tickets and services available in MKA system is specified here.

MKA is a modern system, therefore purchases of tickets and services can be performed in a few different ways – find the one most suitable for you:

  • on the Web, by logging in to your account in MKA portal
  • directly in iMKA mobile application
  • in MKA and KKM automated distribution machines
  • traditionally, by visiting the Customer Service Point.


Buying through MKA Portal

Option to purchase tickets and services is available to logged in users. Navigate to My Account → Purchases tab to display the following purchase options:

  1. Buy a ticket – here you can buy single tickets offered by organizers cooperating within MKA
  2. Buy an integrated ticket – here you can buy (with great discount) SKA tickets and combine them with the purchase of city tickets for Krakow and/or Tarnow with parking subscription
  3. Renew the ticket – here you can simply extend the validity of tickets bought previously
  4. Top up the tWallet – here you can buy top ups of tWallet points, allowing for single rides offered by selected organizers


NOTE! It is very important! Remember that if you are using an MKA Card and you buy a ticket through the Portal, you have to activate it/transfer it to the Card at the automated distribution machine, at the validator - in case of Tarnow or Krakow, or at the Customer Service Point.

Fees for the purchases made in the Portal can be paid only with use of the Web payment schemes.

Buying through iMKA

To buy transport tickets or other services with use of iMKA mobile application, the application must be pre-authorized, and the device must be connected to the Internet during the purchase.

To purchase, go to “Buy a ticket” menu, leading to Purchase Wizard. Further on, the application will guide you through subsequent steps, allowing you to select tickets and services you need, At the end, you will be able to make the payment. After the payment is done, your tickets and services will be available in the application since the activation date you had specified.

Fees for the purchases in iMKA application can be paid only with use of the Web payment schemes.

Buying at MKA Machine

Interface of the Automated Distribution Machine was designed to guide you through the subsequent steps of purchase of your selected tickets and services

Fees in the Machine can be paid both with cash and with use of credit/debit card.

Buying at the Customer Service Points

If you value a direct contact with another person, you are welcome to buy tickets and services at our Customer Service Points. Our friendly staff will quickly and efficiently help you to make purchases both on your MKA Card and iMKA mobile application.

At the Customer Service Points we will also answer your questions and doubts and help you to solve problems you have encountered while using the MKA system.

Fees in the Customer Service Points can be paid both with cash and with use of credit/debit card.

Ticket/Service Purchase Process

We strived to make the independent purchases of tickets and services through the Portal, Application and Machines as easy as possible. To facilitate the operation, the course of purchase process in all of these sales channels is very similar, so you will be able to easily use the one which is the most convenient for you at a given time.

Within MKA you can currently buy several types of tickets and services, and the purchase process will be similar in all cases. You will be always asked to provide the required ticket parameters in a few steps to allow the system to calculate the appropriate price:

Step 1. Select ticket type – here you can specify the organizer offering the transport means that you are planning to use, and the ticket type. You can also choose ticket specifications such as: validity date, activation date, zone and ticket type (network ticket, single line ticket, two line ticket, or distance ticket in case of SKA).

Remember that other users’ accounts are linked to your account, in this step you also select an account for which the ticket will be purchased.

Step 2. Select line/route – here you can choose, depending on the ticket type – a line, several lines, or a route – the starting stop and the final stop, and possible intermediary stops – on which such season ticket will be valid.

Step 3. Price – in this step all possible discounts for the created ticket will be displayed together with prices.

If you purchase an SKA ticket, and the selected route includes a parking lot, you can also book a parking space. If there is more than one parking lot on the route, you can select only one of them.

Basing on the selected ticket/service parameters, the system will display the total payable amount.

Step 4. Summary/Basket – here you can find all the tickets you have selected. In order to pay, use “Confirm purchase” button.

Make the payment – in case of Portal and iMKA only by means of Web schemes, in case of Machine – by cash or card.

Step 5. Purchase confirmation.