Cookies policy

MKA Portal uses cookies. It means that when you use MKA Portal, we save IT data on the device you are using to view the MKA Portal (e.g. computer, phone or tablet). Such data pertains to the name of the website where cookie originates from, cookie expiry date, and random unique number identifying the browser used to connect to the website.

Cookies improve the comfort of MKA Portal operation, e.g. by saving the data of the forms, so when you go back to the former page, you do not need to reenter the data.

There are two types of cookies:

  • Maintained only during the session – allowing the user to navigate the MKA Portal without the need to log in on each subsequent subpage
  • Kept permanently, or at least for the time specified in the file or until deleted by the user

Common Web browsers by default allow to store information in form of cookies on your terminal device, but you can change these settings on your own. Resignation from such changes means that the user accepts the fact that MKA Portal is saving cookies and is using information stored in such cookies.

Web browser allows to:

  • authorize support of cookies, allowing the user to fully enjoy the features offered by Web pages;
  • selectively manage cookies for chosen websites;
  • block or remove cookies.