Tickets and services

MKA currently provides the tickets and services of the following organizers:

  • Fast Commuter Rail (SKA),
  • Municipal Infrastructure and Transport Board in Krakow,
  • Roads and Transport Board in Tarnów,
  • Park&Ride in Tarnów

Each of the organizers offers several tickets and services within MKA.

Remember! Each of the organizers has its own sales network and is not obliged to offer all of its ticket/service types in MKA system. The full offering of the organizers is presented on their webpages:

MKA offers:

Season tickets

Well-known tickets authorizing a person to use public transport in a selected period. Depending on the offer of the organizer, MKA provides monthly, half-year, N-day or N-month tickets.

Distance tickets

At the moment MKA only offers distance tickets for the Fast Commuter Rail (SKA). The fee for such tickets is calculated on the basis of distance between the departure and destination stations, specified in the purchase wizard as parameters. Distance tickets are available both as season and single tickets.

Single tickets

At the moment single tickets are only offered for the Fast Commuter Rail (SKA) and only through iMKA Mobile Application. The fee for a single tickets  is calculated on the basis of the distance between the departure and destination stations.

It is a perfect option for persons, who use transport occasionally. When such situation occurs, they can purchase a ticket precisely matching the route they need to travel on.

Integrated tickets

The Małopolska Agglomeration Card project allows you to buy an integrated ticket, i.e. you can buy a few tickets within one transaction. The organizers are offering great discounts for such tickets. If you commute by rail to Krakow or Tarnow every day and you use the city transport there, integrated tickets are the perfect solution for you. Replace several cards with just one card – the MKA card. To get the ticket discount, you must buy at least two tickets, including one for the Fast Commuter Railway (SKA).

To buy an integrated ticket, select “Integrated ticket” option, and repeat the ticket parameter selection process several times (just as in case of regular season or single tickets), specifying the tickets to be integrated for you.

Single and time KMK tickets in Krakow

Single and time tickets for public transport in Krakow are available in IMKA app. Using the t-purse you can buy and use the most popular tickets in Krakow. The offer available in the MKA system includes tickets: 20-minutes, 40-minutes, 24, 48 and 72 hour, 7 day, single for group in the urban zone (City of Krakow) and agglomeration (zone I + II agglomeration).

Parking lots

You can use MKA system to book a space in a Park&Ride lot. Parking subscription can be purchased when buying SKA season tickets or an integrated ticket.

Event tickets

Once again this option is available only to users of iMKA Mobile Application. The Application allows to browse information on cultural events and to buy tickets for such events from the pool especially made available by the organizer to the users of iMKA Application.


What other services should be available in the MKA system?

What other services should be available in the MKA system?