Parking services

Investments in the form of Park&Ride parking lots are being carried out in the Małopolska Province, and these facilities are mainly located near the stops of the Szybka Kolej Aglomeracyjna. The aim of these investments is to reduce car traffic and increase the share of rail in the daily travel of the region's residents. The Małopolska Karta Aglomeracyjna system is an integrating element also in the case of managing access to parking lots. Currently, we manage the parking lots that have been built in Krzeszowice, Oświęcim, Tarnów, Niepołomice (Podłęże and Staniątki), and Skawina. Park&Ride parking lots are mainly intended for people who use public transport. The MKA system verifies the entitlement, which is a periodic ticket stored on the MKA/KKM/TKM card, in the iMKA application but also through the vehicle registration number or RFID sticker. Together with Koleje Małopolskie and the Public Transport Authority in Kraków, we have prepared a special offer for tickets, which are available at selected Park&Ride parking lots. This offer allows for one-time use of the parking lot by downloading a ticket entitling you to travel by train and/or public transport within the parking day. This ticket is paid at the exit in the parking ticket machine or at the exit terminal.


The MKA system also includes Park&Ride parking lots located in the Krakow municipality area, and system users have access to parking lots located in Kurdwanów, Mały Płaszów, Bieżanów, and the Czerwone Maki parking lot.


You can find more information on the Park&Ride parking lots operating rules and the MKA system elements dedicated to managing access to these parking lots here.