How to get the MKA Card

If you do not trust the new technologies and you want your phone to be a communication device – and not necessarily a payment card or city transport ticket – order a physical MKA card. One piece of plastic can store tickets, top ups and other service authorizations from the offering, which will be successively expanded.

To make life easier, you can get your MKA Card in one of the following ways:

  1. Order through MKA Portal and collect it personally
  2. Order through MKA Portal and wait until it is delivered by mail
  3. Visit an MKA Customer Service Point and collect the Card on the spot


In each case the first card is for free!

Ordering through the Portal

In our opinion, the most comfortable way to get the MKA Card is to order it through the MKA Portal. For this purpose you need register in the system, but it is not a complex task. Simply fill out the application with your basic data, give your mail address and attach your photo.

Photo quality is very important! Please remember that your face must be clearly visible in the photo. The photograph must meet the formal requirements specified in the MKA Terms and Conditions, i.e. it should be:

A legible ID photo, size of 40x50 mm or 35x45 mm, with evenly lit face, on a bright background, without headgear and sunglasses. The face should take approx. 2/3 of the photo.

In the application stage you will be asked to specify the card delivery method – this will be discussed in a moment.

After the application is filled and the photo is uploaded, simply submit your application by clicking the “Send” button.  You will receive an e-mail with the activation link from us. Click the link to register the application in our system and to create the account in the Portal.

Your application will be now verified, especially in regard to validity of the photo. When the photo is accepted, the service purchase option will be activated for you in the Portal and you will be informed about the fact in an e-mail. From that moment on, you can buy any season ticket which will be recorded on your brand new card. Remember! We need some time to produce your card, so set the ticket validity start to a future date.

You will be informed about the changes of your MKA Card status in e-mails sent to the address provided during registration. You can also log in to your account in MKA Portal and check your application status.

Now a few words on how the Card can be delivered to you. As we have already mentioned, you can select how you want to get your MKA Card in the application stage. Available options:

Personal collection

In the application stage select "Personal collection", and then choose the most convenient Customer Service Point from the displayed list.

If you choose personal collection, buy a ticket with activation date set at least to 7 days after the date of purchase.

As soon as your card is ready, you will receive an e-mail with information that you can collect the card at the selected Customer Service Point. Remember to have your ID on you during collection – we need to be sure your card is issued to the right person.

Delivery by mail

In the application stage, select “Delivery by mail”. The default delivery address is the address entered in the contact data; for that purpose check the “Delivery address identical as in contact data” box. You can also provide a different address – in such case you will be requested to fill an additional form with correspondence data.

If you choose the mail delivery, buy a ticket with activation date set to at least 14 days after the purchase date.

Within 14 days the MKA Card should be delivered to your home. Then you need to activate the Card in the Portal – we have to be sure the Card had reached you!

Issuing of MKA Card in the Customer Service Point

If you do not want to wait for your MKA Card, you can get one on the spot in our Customer Service Points in Krakow and Tarnow. The full list of points is presented here.

If you want to get your card immediately, remember to take your ID and a correctly taken photo to the Customer Service Point!

In each Point you will find paper applications. You can fill the application for MKA Card there, but you can also download it here and fill it in comfortably at home.

Submit the filled in application for MKA card with a photo to one of our officers. Our firendly staff will immediately verify the application data and whether your photo has been taken in accordance with the provided instructions. If everything is OK, your card will be printed on the spot! It is all done!

Get the MKA Card application form