How to authorize iMKA application

If you are a progressive person, new technologies are a common thing for you, and your smartphone is your personal management center, our iMKA is exactly for you! With it, your phone will be now not only a medium for transporting tickets, but also for all marvelous services offered by MKA. All of your mobile devices can be equipped with such features.

iMKA mobile application is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. You can download it from the stores respective for each of these systems.

To enjoy the full functionality of iMKA Application, it needs to be authorized. If iMKA is the medium of your personal season tickets, it must be confirmed the application belongs to you. To perform the authorization, you must be registered as the Customer of MKA system. You can register in two ways:

  1. Through MKA Portal
  2. Through MKA Customer Service Point

Registering through the MKA Portal

If you do not want to leave the house, simply register with just one click. Give your basic personal data in the displayed registration application form. Specify also that you want to use the application – set “Medium type” as “iMKA application”. Attach a file with your photo in jpg or png format to the application. Photo quality is very important! Remember that your face must be clearly visible in the photo. The photograph must meet the formal requirements specified in The MKA Terms and Conditions, so it should be:

A legible ID photo, size of 40x50 mm or 35x45 mm, with evenly lit face, on a bright background, without headgear and sunglasses. The face should take approx. 2/3 of the photo​.

Having filled all of the required data, simply click the “Send” button.

You will receive an e-mail with the activation link from us. Click the link to register the application in our system and to create the account in the Portal.

Your application will be now verified, especially in regard to the validity of the photo. When the photo is accepted, application authorization purchase option will be activated for you and you will be informed about this fact via e-mail.

Log in to your account in the Portal. Click “Authorize application” button right next to the device data specified during registration. A page will be displayed with a one-time password in form of symbols and the QR code, which can be used to authorize the application by following the steps described below.

Registering at the Customer Service Point

You can register at the Customer Service Points in Krakow and Tarnow. The full list of points is available at Points of sale page.

Remember to take your ID and a photo taken in accordance with the set requirements to the Customer Service Point!

In each Point you will find paper applications. You can fill the application there, but you can also download it here and fill it comfortably at home.

Submit the filled in application with a photo to one of our officers. Our friendly staff will immediately verify the application data and if the photo has been taken in accordance with the requirements. It everything is OK, you will receive a printed authorization code. Remember! The authorization code issued at the Point is valid only for 24 hours. Authorize the application without any unnecessary delay! The authorization steps are described below.

Application authorization

iMKA application can be authorized on two selected mobile devices.

Authorization on the first device

Remember! During the application authorization your mobile device must have an active Internet connection.

Open the iMKA Application and select "Authorize". Enter the received code or scan it with QR scanner, if your device offers such feature. Select “Authorize application".

If the operation was successful, the message "Authorization successful. Your application is now fully functional" will be displayed.

From that moment on, you have access to the full functionality of iMKA Appliaction. Enjoy it!

Authorization on the second device

Log in to your Portal account. Go to My Data tab, open Devices and click “Add application” button. Enter the name of the new device and define PIN code for such device. Click “Next”. Click “Authorize application”. As in case of the first authorization, a page will be displayed with one-time password in the form of symbols and QR code, which can be used to authorize the device.

Download iMKA Application to the new device. Run it and select "Authorize". Enter the code or scan it with QR scanner, if your device offers such feature. Select “Authorize application". If the operation was successful, the message "Authorization successful. Your application is now fully functional" will be displayed.

Now you have a fully functional iMKA Application on two mobile devices.

Get the iMKA application form