Authorization of the iMKA application

Using all the services offered in iMKA requires its authorization. The authorization process is carried out after registering in the system and selecting our application as the carrier. Registration in the MKA system is required due to the availability of periodic tickets, which are personalized tickets, and the ability to use the CICO function. You can register in the MKA system through our portal or directly at the Customer Service Point.

The authorization process is carried out directly in the application and involves entering the code generated in the portal or scanning the QR code.

You can also activate the iMKA application without the need to register in the system. The activation of the application is possible through your Apple, Google, Facebook, or email account. In the activated iMKA application, you will have access to all services except periodic tickets and CICO.


iMKA is available for iOS and Android systems and also has its version for smartwatches.